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Tips for Video Conferencing in the Classroom

It’s official: Live Streamed remote education is here to stay, even after the coronavirus pandemic has run its course.

With school districts across the country taking advantage of bonds earmarked for new tech tools such as video conferencing solutions, videoconferencing live classes may have found a permanent home in our nation’s education system.

Besides the overwhelming adoption of technology, some parents and students feel empowered by remote learning and are putting pressure on schools to keep live streaming lessons available, even after schools return to largely in-person sessions.

To assist educators who are struggling to adjust to the “new normal” of teaching, we have compiled a few actionable suggestions to help create a better, more engaging video learning experience for their students.

Actionable Tips for Better Video Conferencing in the Classroom

Remote learning can be a really good thing, bringing much needed education to students in remote areas, those who are caring for an ailing family member, or those who don’t have the transportation they need to attend classes at an institution for higher education.

However, video learning, while simple to access, must be engaging in order to capture student attention and drive key learning points home.

Here are a few ways teachers can amplify student engagement and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning.

  1. Make it Easy

Recording your classes for playback at a later date makes it easy for students to access lessons when they are awake and ready to learn.

For students at the university level, being able to access classes in an asynchronous manner can help them hold down much-needed jobs while still having access to lessons when they have the time to devote to learning.

Missed classes due to illness or unavoidable absences can be easily made up if teachers begin streaming at the beginning of each class and post the lesson to the cloud.

  1. Enrich Learning Using Expert Guests

Let’s face it, watching a video of your teacher droning on about the solar system might be a bit boring. But what if there was a guest appearance by a bona fide astronaut?

Because video can connect everyone without the need for in-person travel and the associated costs, getting fun, expert guests to host part of a lesson can add a bit of excitement to the virtual classroom.

  1. Create Some One-on-One Options

Some students struggle in large classrooms while others find online learning daunting. Fortunately, video conferencing software makes it simple to provide one-on-one mentoring for your students when they need it.

One-on-one learning reduces student stress, helps students feel heard, and can be a good way to gauge mastery and progress.

And let’s not forget parents, either. Scheduling a face-to-face video meeting about their students achievements and goals can help parents stay in the loop in a largely remote learning environment.

  1. Consider a Virtual Field Trip

When you are just one person and a video recorder, you can gain access to behind-the-scenes events that you wouldn’t be able to manage with an in-person class of ten or more students.

Tap into the local community for ideas — a trip to the bakery to see how bread is made or to the local animal shelter to discover the needs and challenges associated with running a shelter are great ways to foster interest and a love of community.

Don’t want to travel out of your classroom? You can plug into a number of streaming activities to get your students VIP access to events, experiences, and tours.

Let Edwards Business Systems Help Your School Make Remote Learning Fun

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February 22nd, 2021